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Doors and Windows burglar alarm

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This product is easy to install, simply pasted on the host machine door Vice Admiral pasted on the door or on the two windows , auxiliary machinery arrow mark aligned with the host side . When someone illegally open door or window when ( main and auxiliary parts separated more than 10mm), the alarm will be issued > 90db siren to warn the intruder to leave. They have to open the door when the window switch can be controlled . Use 3 × 1.5vlr44 button batteries ( included Pat machine ) .
The security alarm on the door or window , the thief want to open the door or window , the alarm will sound an alarm immediately , the switch can be turned off when not in use. Application of magnetic induction alarm control technology , long life , easy to install . Using adhesive paste , no screws , can be pasted directly use ! Without damaging household items ! ( Also can be installed in the cafe computer chassis, computer hardware to prevent theft )
Uses : Can be installed on doors and windows, a switch , when the switch is turned on , if the doors are opened , a loud alarm will sound . Sleep at night or when not at home , when out of the office , the alarm switch is open , the security alarm .

Usage: alarm consists of a large and a small piece composition, the alarm size pieces were attached to the sides of the gap in the middle of two windows , large and small pieces arranged in parallel , middle gap size pieces so as not more than 5 mm ( can refer to the packaging looks good paste ) , small pieces with an arrow , the arrow in the opposite direction to the large and bulky parallel posted on the good , to security, closed the window , you can open the alarm switch , if the thieves pushed the window , As long as the window opened ( ie alarm large and small pieces of more than one separate 5 mm ) , the alarm will send a strong warning sound , the master of the house will take immediate action , the thieves will be caught or Homelessness and escape .

1x alarm