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3 in 1 avocado slicer

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Whether you are going to use in the salad, avocado on bread or for
a large helping of guacamole, then the 3-in-1 avocado slicer your
new favorite tool. With the serrated knife halve your avocado and share it.

The nucleus is removed using the special round tion in the shaft.
Inside the circular No sitting 3 small leaves, which grabs hold
of the core and lets you remove it with a snap-no matter the size
of the kernel. This can also be used for other fruits with large nuclei.

The other end of the shaft is equipped with slick grooves.
They let you easily remove Kaikan from the shell while at
the same time will be cut in fineskiver.
1-2-3 and you have an avocado sliced free of shell/kernel.

Material: Safety ABS With PP
Size: 6*20CM
Color: Green

1x 3 in 1 avocado slicer