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Rainbow lamp

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Lucky Rainbow 5-LED projector
Awesome device projecting waves of rainbow
You can project a beautiful rainbow across your walls and ceiling in your room!
And enjoy the fantastic view now!
With 5-LED and 2-mode
Long arched streamline arm design
A mode switch at the bottom
--- Mode 1: 5-LED turned on/ off in succession
--- Mode 2: turns 5-LED on/ off at once
A power on/ off button on the front
Battery slot at the bottom and a AC jack at the flank
1 ways to power this unit:
--- 4 x AAA battery (not included)
Power saving design, light will turn off automatically after 10 minutes (But if using an AC adapter, it will remain on until the switch power button off)
Wonderful accessory for a nursery or children bedroom creating a natural and calming light
Output: 6V DC, 450mA
Size: 23 x 15cm
Color: white

1 x Rainbow 5-LED Projector