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Silica gel foot arch pad

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has a non-slip effect , applicable to most types of shoes, lightweight soft,
tune yards in half a yard below , appropriate footwear will not squeeze feet.
health care ( prevention of many diseases ) :
1 forefoot pad for Yongquan designed to allow point at congestion ,
variable degree of heat , there Gushen warm enough to communicate the kidneys ,
liver and eyesight, enhance the role of sleep .
2 feet between the upper respiratory mucosa close neural connections ,
foot once cold, can cause capillaries reflex contraction
of the upper respiratory tract mucosa ,
cilia swing weakened significantly decreased resistance ,
the original lurking in the nasopharynx viruses,
bacteria on the opportunity to gain access , and multiply them ,
cold is the source of all diseases . Insole foot massage can rebound ,
so that the body of yin and yang balance, eliminate cold limbs , legs, feet cramp .

USE:Remove the protective film surface is glued directly to the sole ( Note that the first clean the shoes , and then glued insoles )
Other parts can be trimmed to any shape , put on shoes , the same supporting damping , can play a lightweight heel pads and arch support role
for softening calluses, corns prevention , foot disease , foot , horny hyperplasia , bone protruding with special effects.
rebound massage , fatigue , reduce foot wear, keep the foot comfortable, is a unique front floor mats.

Color: transparent ( invisible design )
Specifications : 10.5 * 6.5 * 0.2 (cm)
Packing: Transparent bag
Weight: 37 g one pair

1 pair x silica gel foot arch pad