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Waist Protective Protective support belt

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Relieving and preventive support belt in the neoprene to the back and back.

You'll get it:
- Relieving neoprene support belt for the back and back.
- Used for long periods of sedentary and / or physical activity to avoid pain and prevent damage.
- Wear the belt in the office, in the living room or on the runway (easily hidden under the clothes).

Neoprene lumbar support belt is an elastic belt that brings heat, support and compression to the lower back and back. The belt gives reminders to the user about the
posture, as well as relieving the vortex by increasing the abdominal pressure and supporting the muscular pancreas in general.

The support is used for relieving for example long periods of sedentary activity, physical activity or limiting or preventing pain and injury. Use the belt in the
office, in the living room or on the runway - it does not fill much so it can easily be worn under the clothes. To keep your back in a right position, the back of the
lumbar support is made of a non-stretchable neoprene. You can of course fine-tune the belt to the desired size. The belt is made to fit your body.

Choose from the following options:
Size Guide:
Waist 60-67 cm: Small
Waist 67-77 cm: Medium
Waist 77-87 cm: Large
Waist 87-97 cm: X-Large
Waist 97-107 cm: 2X-Large
Waist 106-117 cm: 3X-Large
Waist 117-127 cm: 4X-Large
Waist 127-137 cm: 5X-Large
Waist 137-147 cm: 6X-Large

* Do not use your default size as a man / woman as these are unisex sizes. Measure the waist at the widest point around the navel. If you are just on the separator
border, choose the larger size.

1x Waist Protective Protective support belt