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Automatic Braide maker Electric Braiders

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This product is a completely new hair styling tool that is very useful
for twisting hair quickly and easily. In a few easy steps, create your
own stylish curls,which can be held in place later on with jewellery
or bands. With the Twist hair braider tool Secret, you’re free to try
out new ideas in styling: twist and go to curl all your hair or just a
few locks… Let your imagination run wild !

Simple three-step automatic braided hair:
1. A. Selected two strands of hair, the number of share to around
the middle finger a week is appropriate;
B. Push the button on the top left of the machine up by placing
a surge to the top of hair pink folder inside the
mouth, release the left button.
C. Repeat B operation, the separate stream of pink hair on the
top right of the folder in the mouth.
2. After the first operation is completed, the control button on the
device marked the middle of the left and right
side will be their hair twisted in a clockwise direction. When the
hair root to distort,We can put aside the standby control key under
the operation.
3. After the completion of the second step, the central control
button on the device Press down, left and right
side will automatically braided hair in a clockwise direction,
and other braided hair to the hair root Office, you can press
on the control to stop the operation .
After the braided hair is complete, open the upper part of button
to remove hair, headdress fixed,repeat the above steps can continue
compiled and distributed .

Product name: Automatic Braide maker
Material : ABS
Size: 21.5x8.5x4cm
Weight: 0.7kg
Power supply: 2 x AA battery(Not include)

1x Braide maker
2x Hair clip
1x User Manual