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Sport Hoops for Abdominal Waist Exercise (Detachable)

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  • Every day for half an hour, easily reduce the fat on the waist and hips to create a better curve. 

  • 12 knots are suitable for waist circumference within 60 cm, suitable for children aged 6-12.

  • 18 knots are suitable for waist circumference within 90cm, and are suitable for teenagers aged 12-16.

  • 21 knots are suitable for waist circumference within 100 cm, and are suitable for young people aged 16-24.

  • 24 knots are suitable for waistlines within 132 cm, suitable for adults.

  • The above is for reference only, and you can choose according to your own situation. 

  • The hoop can be composed of sections, which can increase or decrease the number of slides on the main body to adjust the waist size. 

  • You can buy more sections,then suit for your whole family and friends.



1. It is suitable for men, women and children.Suitable for the waist and turning the waist for a long time, does not fall.

2. Can be used in a variety of applications, for postnatal recovery, office sedentary, and hoops are also suitable for sports advocates.

3. The hoop exercise can quickly consume body fat and eliminate fatigue.



Due to measurement error, there is 2-3cm difference.

Due to shooting light, there is a little color difference.


Age: 15-75

Function: Weight loss

Type: Spring

Material: ABS

Color: Pink

Package Includes: 1x Smart Sport Yoga Hoop