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Multifunctional Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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This model has many advanced features including extremely low noise:
- LCD touch screen
- Virtual wall with two-way infrared signal transmitters
- Schedule work, "full go" cleaning, speed selection.
- Wireless remote controller
- Easily to be disassembled
- Non-collision bumper with better performance
- Sweeping, vacuuming, mopping and disinfection (4 in 1)

1. Automatically cleans your floor without any hand labor while you enjoy life, you can preset working time, working/rest days.
2. Remote Controller lets you guide the cleaner in any direction to clean specific areas.
3. Stair Avoidance Detector assure the unit won't drop from the stairs and table.
4. It will escape automatically by itself when it was stuck by the furniture bottom or something else
5. UV light sterilization kill most bacteria and viruses of the floors.
6. A mop can be installed on it to improve the cleaning efficiency.
7. Virtual Wall with two-way infrared signal transmitters make sure the cleaner work at the confirmed area which you want to clean.
8. Wall Following Sensor make sure this unit can clean most ground surface along the wall.
9. The walking speed can be adjusted as you like.
10 Self-adjusting cleaning head automatically traverses uneven floor transitions as it cleans carpet,
Hardwood, linoleum, and tile.

Main material: ABS Input of charger: 100-240V AC
Output voltage of charger: 24V DC Voltage of battery: 14.4V
Unit average power: 24 watt Charge time: about 5 hours
Working time: about 90minutes Unit size: Diameter 32*8.7CM
Battery: 2200MA NI-MH (included)
Color: Black

1x Robot Vacuum Cleaner
1x Remote controller
1x Manual